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Castleview Property Services is a full-service restoration and repair construction company specializing in the restoration and maintenance of high and low rise buildings and commercial properties. Our team of professionals work closely with building owners, property managers and boards of directors to restore and maintain properties. Our group of professionals pays close attention to financial budgets and timeline expectations. At Castleview we understand and respect that a project is not only a project but also a home and/or a place of business; we strive to exceed all expectations.

Exceeding Expectations in Comunication

  • We meet with property managers and boards of directors to establish needs, goals, timelines and budgets
  • We establish and maintain positive rapport between project managers and property management
  • We keep clients updated on the status of each project and are available to answer any questions as they arise

Exceeding Expectations In Planning

  • Understand our project objectives
  • Plan and organize outline of each project including timelines
  • Ensure staff is briefed and understands the needs of each project prior to execution

Promote current deals

  • Ensure all our employees meet Castleview Property Services’ performance standards
  • Project Manager on site throughout process
  • Working in a “safety first” environment
  • Ensure project completion meets budget and timeline requirements
  • Quality, environmentally – friendly materials used
  • Clean, Professional and Organized

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About Us

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